close knit: the neighborhood yarn shop

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Swirl Shawl

JoJoland's Swirl Shawl has a bit of a cult following. We often have trouble keeping the pattern in stock. Knit with JoJoland Melody Superwash, the design takes advantage of the yarn's gradual color changes. Although the final shawl looks as if it is comprised of dozens of medallions sewn together, the whole thing actually knits up in one piece. The shawl version uses five balls of Melody, and the scarf version included in the same pattern uses just three. The lace pattern is deceptively simple, and the final result is certainly eye-catching. We have a nice stock of Melody at the shop right now, including some really beautiful, rich colors. I like the red to dark brown the best (#18), but the deep purpley-blue (#12) is a close second for me.
In addition to the Swirl Shawl, we have several other patterns written for Melody, including Hidden Squares, which also plays up the color changes in the yarn.
Any of these would be a lovely gift, either as a finished knitted scarf or as a kit for a knitter you love. Stop by to check out the samples and admire the yarn and new patterns before they disappear again.


  1. I remember how costumers would go completely gaga over the swirl shawl!

  2. It still happens almost every time I'm there!

  3. Is this pattern still available? I can't seem to find it.