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Friday, September 10, 2010

Free pattern: Miss Violet

Let's welcome Nancy Ricci back to Close Knit, even if it is just online! For more Nancy, please hop on over to her blog Getting Purly With It.

I can hardly believe it has been 6 months ago since I left Portland and also Close Knit. I miss being at the yarn shop and I miss seeing what everybody is working on.
So you can imagine that I am so very happy that Sally has given me the opportunity to write for the Close Knit blog every once in a while.

This way, I can still feel connected with you all, and for that I am very thankful!

Today I would like to share a sweet little pattern called Miss Violet. As you can see in the picture, it is an elegant and light cowl made out of one ball of Rowan Kidsilk Aura.

This piece is knitted flat and then later seamed with the mattress stitch. Needle size US10 is used and that of course makes for a quick project!

A variation of the feather and fan stitch pattern is applied, and the soft and gentle curves of this famous lace pattern never fail to enchant.

I have made this cowl in many different colors, and have enjoyed wearing them over and over again. The soft mohair is very light and provides for gentle warmth!

Also, this is just the perfect gift project. Perhaps a loved one would be happy to receive this sweet accessory for Christmas?

To download the pattern, simply click on the link below:

This elegant cowl is named after a graceful cat named Violet.

She is so very lady like, walks around with dignity and is soft and fuzzy, you just want to pet her all day. That is, if she lets you...

I hope you will enjoy knitting Miss Violet!

Hair and make up by K. Sommerville, Gingersuite Salon


  1. ahhh so sweet! miss violet is sitting her next to me purring up a storm she feels like such a movie star! thank you miss fancy!xoxoxo

  2. I love the look of this cowl but was unable to download the pattern from the link above. Is it still available? Thanks!

  3. Josie,
    The link appears to be working. You might need to create a Google Account to access it through Google Docs. If you can't get it, let me know, and I'll find a way to get it to you.

  4. Hi Leah,

    Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I had no luck with the link...I also tried pulling the Chloe Cowl and couldn't get that one either. Any help would be great.


  5. So sorry, Josie! I just fixed the Chloe Cowl yesterday (11/9/11), so give that one a shot. Please let me know if it is still giving you fits. I'll see if I can reload Miss Violet for you. Thanks for your patience! If this fails, I can just email you the PDFs directly.

  6. Hi Leah,

    I was able to retrieve the Chloe Cowl pattern, thanks so much! However, I am still not able to get the Violet, would you mind emailing it to me at

    Thank you:)

  7. Would this work knitted in the round?