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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Embrace the Grey

The sun was shining out there yesterday, but those skies are cloudy this morning.  And that makes me want something cozy.  And grey, for some reason.
Good thing we have a shelf full of these plump lovelies.  The Galler Peruvian Tweed speaks to me every time we have it on the shelves.  The natural tweedy marl of this yarn is visually interesting and lusciously soft.  One of these big ol' skeins is 595 yards, too, so one is plenty for a nice big wrap.
Maybe something as easy as a Boneyard Shawl, or you could use the Textured Shawl Recipe. A nice long ribbed scarf would be so nice...something like the Churchmouse Pressed Rib MufflerNo. 4 from Shibui would be amazing and gorgeous, but I would certainly commit to two skeins and make it huge.  Keep it simple on the texture, though.  The halo of the yarn will obscure anything too intricate, so ribbing or garter or stockinette for sure.
How about a Groovy?  I love my white linen/wool version.  I am constanly sizing up any new and tempting yarn to see if it might be suitable for my next Groovy, and a squishy grey Peruvian Tweed version seems just right. 

I just finished up a few projects...I might need to treat myself with some of this stuff.  The darkest charcoal grey is calling my name.  And I know I'll need something to match those grey skies that are looming.

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