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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Close Knit Weekly Sale: Classic Elite Sprout and Seedling

Hey, how about a discount on some great cotton yarns?
We are offering a 20% discount on Classic Elite Sprout and Seedling this coming week!  The sale starts Monday, July 8 and continues through close on Sunday, July 14.  The discount applies to yarn that we have in stock and in-store sales only, and please don't combine this with any other offer or coupon.  Okay, enough logistics, let's talk about the yarn!
Above is Seedling, a worsted weight cotton with an interesting texture and nice bounce, reminding me a bit of the 1824 Cotton that was discontinued a few years ago.  Below is Sprout is a heavier weight cotton a very similar texture.  This yarn is surprisingly lofty for a chunky cotton yarn.
These yarns are part of the Verde Collection from Classic Elite, a line of "environmentally conscious" yarns.  The cotton is produced organically, although I don't think the dyes are.  Classic Elite claims that the cotton is "more robust and less stressed," improving its "absorbancy and color intensity."  I can say from experience that the nubbly texture makes a big difference when knitting with these yarns, as it seems to give the yarn more bounce than most cottons.  I did not experience the achy hands that I so often do when knitting with pure cotton.

I used Sprout to make my Agnes sweater last summer, and I love it.  Very much.  It's like a comfy sweatshirt, but way classier.  The yarn has held up nicely, too, even with regular machine washing and drying!  It really hasn't pilled up at all, and a short stint in the dryer helps it pop back into shape after I've worn it day and night.
Melissa knit up Lobster Cove from the Seaside Booklet for her wool-allergic sister using the same cozy grey.
Ann created this lovely lacey leafy cowl using two skeins of Sprout.  We have the pattern available in the shop.  Love the chunky lace!
I used Sprout to design my Tiny Baby Hat way back when, and I still say it's a winner.  The pattern is a freebie, too, any you can easily get two hats out of one skein.  That reminds me, a friend of mine is having twins this weekend...I guess I need to stop by and grab a skein.
As for Seedling ideas, we have a sample of Starboard from the Harbor Booklet, and Classic Elite has several pattern books for Seedling, many of which we have in the shop.
Our very own Melissa has been developing a sweet little top using just one skein of Seedling and basic little girls' tee.
The pattern and sample will be in the shop this week, and I'll post the pattern on the blog, too.  Look at that cute ruffle.
If you have been thinking about some cotton projects for the summer, it's time to come in and take a look.  Stop by, share your ideas, and pick up some fabulous yarn at a great deal!

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