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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Instant Karma

We have an unusual new yarn in the shop for summer.  Say hello to Berroco Karma.
Karma is a 100% cotton tape yarn, so the "strand" of yarn is actually a loosely knitted mesh tube.
These kinds of yarns were all over the place several years ago, and it's nice to see a more subtle version available now.  This one knits up at 3 stitches per inch on a US11.
Sally whipped up a sample of the Karma Scarf using just three skeins of the denim blue and a free pattern from Loop Knits.  I love those drop stitch ladders and the chunky definition of each stitch.
Berroco sent us a sample from the booklet, too.  This is Vasya from the Karma Booklet, #330.
I also really liked Sequim, Herbie, and Overby.

Amy Christoffers just published the Long Sands Cardigan, designed with Karma, and it looks pretty fabulous.  Check out the textured stitch pattern and those unusual sleeve cuffs.
Photo from Savory Knitting Ravelry page.
I'm going to have to add this one to the queue.  At this gauge, it will knit up in an instant.

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