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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Still Knitting!

So sorry to have abandoned you all this week.  Between the flu and two family weddings, I was spent.  But I knit on. 
My Mix No. 10 hat is progressing nicely.  I am in love with Shibui Cima.  I am considering knitting an entire wardrobe out of this might be the softest yarn I have ever used.  It's held doubled for this hat, and the slip stitch pattern is really fun.  I didn't consider how the ivory and lumen would play together, so the top section is very subtle, but I love it.
I am hopeful that there is enough left to make another whole hat.  I'll need to switch up the colors, but that's half the fun.

And I have inspiration to share.  The Purl Bee's Shadow Stripe Baby Blanket is calling to me.  It seems like it would be so easy to upsize, too, for a larger throw.  The Purl Bee blankets are always winners...checkout the beautiful gallery on their site (including links to all of the free patterns).
Photo from Purl Bee
This one is knit with Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton, one of our favorites.
I'll be back this week full force.  I just need one night of solid sleep, and then I'll be ready to tell you all about our new yarn, new books, and new magazines.  Bear with me!

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