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Thursday, January 31, 2013


The sparkles are here!  They refused to be photographed in their full glory, but they are here.
The Baby Llama Glow has always been popular in the shop.  It is part of a line from Plymouth Yarns called DyeForMe which was intended to be hand-dyed, so all the yarns are white as a base for the dyes.  I have yet to see any of it dyed up though, probably because it is so beautiful as it is.  The sparkles are subtle and well-distributed, the yarn itself is soft and lofty, and the finished knits are just perfect.  To top it all off, each skein contains 273 yards.
I used a skein to make a Simple Pleasures Hat, and I know Adrienne (and several others) used it to make Teal from Kim Hargreaves' Winter Blooms Collection.   
My friend Laura made my Bias Scarf using just two skeins.  She added some buttons to change it into more of a wrap.
Whatever you choose to make with it, I would decide soon.  The shelves might be full now, but this pretty stuff flies!

P.S. Bolt is having a little surprise sale on Saturday.  What a great weekend to come to our little corner.  See you soon.

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