close knit: the neighborhood yarn shop

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Remember August?  When it was hot and sunny and we were all wearing sandals and sundresses?  Me neither.  What I do recall is that Portlandia shot an episode in our little shop.
Well, the season premiere is on Friday, January 4, just two short days away.  We are told that our skit will be in the first episode, so go record it or set an alarm or something.  It airs at 10PM (eastern time, so really 7PM our time) on IFC.  Here's a little sneak peek blatantly lifted from the IFC/Portlandia website photo gallery.
Look!  It's our shelves, and our paper flowers, and our needle cabinets, and Jeff Goldblum in a pink shirt!  There appear to be a few doilies involved.  Hmm...I wonder what the skit will entail.  So cool!

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