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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Look at the Flicka'!

We have some fresh bling in the shop for you.

The much anticipated Flicker shipment has arrived from Berroco!  We loved the earth tones last fall, and the soft palette of colors is beautiful as well.  In addition to the natural colors, we currently have yellow, purple, and blue (aka Petipa, Pytor, and Lac, obviously).  The rest of our shipment is on the way this week.

If you have never knit with a chained yarn like this, give it a try.  The final fabric is soft, lofty, and squishy.  Sally has a simple slouchy little hat knit with one skein, and it is light as a feather.  Just ask us for the pattern when you come in for your yarn.

We also have some sparkly handmade resin buttons from M.G. Loden.  The big guys are perfect for a hat, cowl, or a one or two-button cardigan.

These little guys are a little more subtle, but still nice and sparkly.

We have restocked the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Flamme, too.  It's not sparkly, but it sure is shiny and vibrant.  The colors are so deep and pretty, and the texture of the yarn is so interesting.

Nancy used this yarn for her Chloe Cowl, which would make a lovely and relatively quick little knit.  (There was a problem with the pattern, but it's been corrected as of today.  Sorry about that.)  A friend of mine is using the gorgeous orange for the cabled capelet on the cover of knit.wear.

It's going to be stunning.  She promises to share photos when she's done.  I can't wait to see it.

We also have a nice plump supply of circular, straight, and double pointed Dreamz needles from Knitter's Pride.  The colors of the wood are really beautiful, and the cable on the circulars seems pretty flexible.  We have the circular Nova needles, too, the metal offering from Knitter's Pride.

Not sparkly at all, but still very nice, are the Pretty Cheep Bags from Blue Sky Alpacas.  These bags are the prefect size for keeping your projects clean and contained.  At just ten bucks, you might need one for each project.  These make great gifts, too, even for non-knitters.

We just received a shipment from Cascade, too, including 128 Superwash, Magnum, and 220 Superwash Sport.  The unusual and slightly addictive Kauni Effectyarn is back, too.  More on this stuff soon...and perhaps a free pattern this weekend.  See you soon!

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  1. Ooooh, buttons! I love buttons...

    I made a Vanessa Headband with Flickr and am happy with the result. It's so springy and light.
    Those chainette yarns have been so populair and I see it everywhere: Lima, Flickr and cascade has one too in natural colors. I love working with all of them.

    Silky Flamme is also one of my alltime faves!