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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chloe Cowl

Nancy has another free pattern for us, as well as the helpful photo tutorial below. We just received a fresh shipment of Silky Flamme at the shop, so you have your choice of gorgeous colors for this sweet little project.

This fancy little cowl has an all over shadow cable pattern and ends with several rows of seed stitch. In this design, I have incorporated buttons which have no function aside from being cute, so no buttonholes are needed.

This is a pretty simple and straight forward knit, with some sewing at the end. Its length is easily adaptable; the longer you make it, the looser it will drape around your neck.

The yarn used is Silky Flamme by Elsebeth Lavold, a luscious bulky weight alpaca and silk blend with an organic feel and look to it.

You will need one ball of Silky Flamme, needle size US #10.5 and US #9 and a cable needle. If you wish, you can add some cute little buttons for fun!

The shadow cable pattern consists of 8 rows. Cables slanting to the left and slanting to the right create a soft curvy look. Your first 8 rows will look like this:

You will repeat those 8 rows 9 times all together or until your piece measures about 15" from cast on edge:

Now switch to the smaller needles. You can see in the picture below how much yarn you will have left to do the last part. Plenty!

Time to finish your piece with several rows of seed stitch. In the last two rows, decreases are used to make the edges curve. If everything went okay, your piece is about 16" long.

When you are finished binding off, make sure you leave a tail of approximately 45-50". With this tail you are going to sew the ends of your cowl together.

Sewing the ends together

The ends of your piece should overlap by 1"making sure the seed stitch part is on top:

Start sewing all round the edge of the seed stitch part using your darning needle. In the picture below I used a contrasting color yarn to show you along which line to sew, but of course you are going to use your long tail in the same color of your piece:

Because you are sewing in the seed stitch area, your sewing stitches will be quite invisible. So don't worry about being overly neat!

Now that you are done with sewing, you can opt to leave your piece as is or embellish with buttons! For this cowl I choose to work with 4 little filigree buttons:

You can also use just one big button on top your piece. Use your imagination and make sure to have some fun!

Silky Flamme comes in many beautiful saturated jewely colors, and I couldn't resist trying a bunch of them:
To download the pattern, click on the link below:

Have fun knitting this pattern!

Note: A mistake (egad!) was found in the pattern, but this version has been corrected.  In row 3, there should NOT be a K3 as the first instruction inside of the *s.  Sorry for any confusion, and thank you to our knitters who found this!


  1. Thank you, Michelle :)
    I've worn this Chloe Cowl quite often while living in Pdx... many happy warm memories!

  2. could not get this pattern to work. It curled on the one edge but never on the other edge! tried this a couple of times. are you sure the pattern is correct?

  3. Hi! Sorry about that. We just recently discovered the mistake, too. In row 3, get rid of the first K3 inside the *s. That should make everything better. I'll correct the PDF as soon as possible.
    Thanks! Leah