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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Local Fridays

I want to share a bit about two very cool events coming up in the next few weeks and show you a crazy cool scarf.

First up, we have Little Boxes.  I don't know about you, but the big box stores make me a touch homicidal, so I think it is super cool that the Little Box stores in Portland are banding together to encourage you to keep you holiday shopping dollars (not to mention sanity) close to home.  Several of you have asked about the flier at the shop, so here's the skinny.

On Friday, November 25 (a.k.a. Black Friday) you can line up outside of T***** at 1:00 AM, or you can sleep off you turkey hangover like a normal person and spend a luxurious day shopping at some of the best places in Portland.  

Start your day purchasing something fabulous at any of the shops listed on the Little Boxes participants list, keep your receipt, and enter the raffle.  Mosey on over to another Little Box store, and present your receipt from the first Little Box to receive 10% off your purchase.  Repeat as many times as you'd like at as many stores as you can.  Plus, you can enter the raffle at every single store all day long.  There is some good stuff on that raffle list, people.  Check out the Little Boxes site for additional details and a great map to help you plan your day.

The following Friday, we are getting even more local.  Several shops on Alberta have banded together to offer a little extra shopping time on the evening of Friday, December 2.  We're calling it the Winter Frolic, and we welcome you to join us between 6 and 8 PM for sales and merrymaking up and down the street.  The following shops are participating: Modern Domestic, Frock, Garnish, Stu Stu Studio, Collage, Red Sail, Tumbleweed, Grasshopper, Digs, Salt & Straw, Close Knit (hey, that's us!), Abrahams & Duffy, and PedX.  There really is something for everyone.  I recommend that you leave your distractions at home and enjoy a fabulous couple of hours strolling Alberta.

As a side note, I wanted to mention the 3/50 Project, too.  It's not really an event, but more a way of thinking when you go out to make purchases, especially as we enter the time of year when it all seems to get a bit out of control.  The basic premise of the movement is to choose 3 local brick and mortar shops in your community each month and then spend $50 in each one.  They have some pretty amazing statistics on how this kind of behavior would impact local economies.

And this sort of brings me to the Les Miserables scarf.  Our fabulous Ann knit this sample up and brought it into the shop with a note about how the style and the name of this design seemed quite appropriate for the global economic climate.  Quite so, Ann. 

Anyway, I will hop off the soapbox now.  We love our customers, and we love being the shop that makes you feel welcome, offers you lots of help and advice, and makes you want to come back again and again.  Regardless of anything else, allow us to give back and say thank you to you all.  Hope to see you on Friday!


  1. this scarf is very cool - my daughter would like it a lot. But I wonder, can you really felt alpaca? I thought that it had to be 100% wool.

  2. Jody,
    Alpaca will surely felt, just not as easily as wool. When you use a silk blend, the final product has a really interesting texture, too. I hope she loves it!