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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Love for the Lana Glove

When Nancy and I used to work together, we often chatted about how people reacted when they found out we were knitters. It seems that a lot of folks can't let go of the childhood memories of scratchy scarves, ugly mittens, or hats with too-tight brims that left you itchy, uncomfortable, and often embarrassed on the playground. I can't blame them. I had my share of Grandma-knit items that were far from stylish or flattering. Well, fortunately, things have changed. A lot.

At Close Knit, we can thank Nancy for some of that welcome update to our hand-knitted style. Nancy designs accessories using soft and luxurious yarns for knitters of every skill level. She has given us many fashionable accessories, including the popular Sally Glove and Hat and numerous free patterns available on her blog. Nancy's newest free pattern release, the Lana Glove, fits perfectly into her collection.

As with all of Nancy's glove patterns, these are knit flat and seamed up the side, eliminating the need for double-pointed needles. The lace pattern is very simple, and Nancy writes everything out very clearly, so even the novice knitter can tackle these gorgeous gloves successfully.

Knit with just one skein of Cascade Venezia Worsted, a soft and shiny merino and silk blend, the Lana Glove would be a perfect gift or a special treat for yourself. We just received a huge box of Venezia, and I believe we currently have almost 25 shades to choose from. This yarn soaks up the dye, so the colors are rich and deep like jewels.

While my daily life is far from glamorous, this little fingerless glove makes me feel like a movie star every time I try it on. And that is so much better than itchy and humiliated on the playground.

Nancy will be sharing more of her newest releases here on the Close Knit blog in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for her guest posts and see what fabulous new offerings she has for us!