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Friday, September 17, 2010

Free Pattern: Leah Gloves

More from our friend and designer extraordinaire, Nancy Ricci!

I love fingerless gloves... Ever since I figured out how to make those way back when I was such a newbie knitter, I have been hooked on them.

And I like them in many different ways: short, long, with buttons, with a lace pattern, with lots of embellishment, but I also love them as simple as possible.

I very much like to dress up and look fancy, but at times I do like the minimalist, no-nonsense look with maybe a little design element here and there.

The Leah Gloves, with small detail at the top of the glove, perfectly fit the bill!

The Leah Gloves are knitted flat, and later seamed at the side using the mattress stitch. You will find a few increases at the sides to make the glove flare out a bit so it will gently fit over your upper arm. The main stitch is stockinette, and you can see just a smidge of detailing at the top of the glove:

The Leah Gloves are pretty long, but you can stop at any length you want and shorten them up or even make them a little bit longer.

You can use any worsted weight yarn you like, as long as you have 140 yards. My favorite yarns to use for this glove were Cascade Venezia Worsted, shown above in grey, and Rittenhouse Merino 5-ply by Manos del Uruguay shown in reddish purple. But really, pick out any worsted weight or heavy DK weight yarn you want, and you will be just fine!

You can wear the gloves all stretched out over your hand and forearm, or scrunched up to shorten them a bit.

Isn't Adrienne doing such a good job modeling the gloves?

To download the pattern, simply click on the link below:

And for those who are wondering what gorgeous hat Adrienne is wearing, it is the Cabled Beret pattern by Debbie Bliss.

These gloves are named after Leah, who works at Close Knit. She has such a straight forward and no-nonsense character and I simply love that about her.

Hope you like knitting these!


  1. What is ribbing with half twist? I've looked but can't find any directions for this, help.

  2. Super excited! Just got started on these a few minutes ago! I'm using a pretty alpaca blend in Fog. I'm also going to knit up a hat to match doing the same basic detailing on the bottom of the hat. Thanks a bunch for this pattern!!!

  3. Quick question. when doing the decrease for the wrist do I only do the one decrease row? Or do I continue doing decreases until the 3 inches? And would the same apply to the increases? In my mind it doesn't seem right to keep decreasing but I figured I'd ask.

  4. Same question as Karli. I interpret as regular stockinette for 1st 3 inches once Step 2 is started. When you reach Step 2: Decrease is the RS decrease only done one time or repeatedly until 5 inches is created? Same question for Step 3, 4, and 5 increase. Thanks in advance, waiting to proceed till I hear back so that I knit correctly.

  5. Did anyone get a reply about the decrease question? I would love to make these but I am not going to start them with this question unanswered. Thanks so much!!

  6. Hmmm...kind of disappointing not to see any responses about the increases and decrease. I'm going with completing them for that one row only.

  7. Leah Gloves always be my choice. Comfortable to wear and cheap to buy. I personally like Sport Gloves they are nice looking yet long lasting.