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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Being creative at Helser's

Nancy has safely landed in New York City, but she joins us again to share some inspiration and reminisce about those Portland breakfasts!

When I lived in NE Portland, I would always have breakfast at Helser's on Alberta Street. Often time you could find me there early in the morning just by myself enjoying something delicious, with my knitting by my side.

I would knit, watch people, stare out the window to see what was going on on Alberta Street and simply soak up the Portland ambiance.

One chilly day in September, it must have been in 2008, I daydreamt of a sweet little cowl design. I wanted a something small, soft and warm around my neck. Something that would look fancy, a chic accessory in a jewel tone color.

And it was right at Helser's when I cast on with a ball of Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Flamme and came up with an initial design.

First of all, I simply loved working with Silky Flamme, a blend of alpaca and silk, which comes in beautiful jewel tone colors. I chose to throw in some easy all-over cables and was determined to design my fancy little cowl with just one ball!

Although the initial prototype was knitted in a purple color, the second prototype I knitted in a deep teal color and came out something like this:

In the final prototype, I added stylish little buttons and, although I haven't a photo for it yet, I can assure you it is very pretty.

Helser's was not only a breakfast place for me. It was also a place where I could daydream about future designs and knit in peace without being rushed by the waitresses.

This little fancy cowl will be the next free pattern to be published here on the Close Knit blog.

Give me some time to write out the pattern and to test knit. I promise it will be up soon!

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