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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Knit Your First Sweater!

It's sweater weather! Want to knit your first sweater to impress your friends and ward off the chill? Well now is your time. Adrienne will teach you how to make the fabulous Tea with Jam and Bread sweater, which offers so many options to fit your style. 

I have knit this sweater four times, and it's the absolute favorite of my teenage daughter. I have knit her the exact same sweater twice in the same colors as she has grown over the years. She is sitting next me wearing hers right now.

You can do stripes or solid, pockets or none, and the length and fit are easily customizable. You can make it more cropped and swingy or longer and fitted. It 's a great pattern.

You should be able to knit and purl to have fun in this class, and Adrienne will teach you how to increase and decrease, how to use double-pointed needles, how to read a pattern, and all kinds of other general tips and tricks to make you a better knitter.

Take a look at the class page here, and give us a call at 503-288-4568 to sign up!

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