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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Daydreamer Ideas

Have you all seen the newest from super-designer Andrea Mowry? Oh my goodness, the Daydreamer is knit up with a strand of Farmer's Daughter Soka'pii and one strand of Mighty Mo
The Daydreamer (pic borrowed from Rav pattern page)
The Soka'pii is a fingering weight Rambouilett from Wyoming and Montana, and its slightly nubbly and rustic texture is so so cool. Mighty Mo is a gorgeous mohair and silk blend that really adds halo and highlights to the finished knit. 
I'm always impressed at how substantial and heavenly a fingering weight and a lace mohair yarn knit up. They make a fabric that is lofty but warm and snuggly all at the same time. Plus, these color combos can't be beat.

I mean...
I might also be coming around on the cropped sweater idea. As a relatively tall girl, I really don't like feeling like things are too short on me, but I have started wearing my one cropped sweater more and more frequently. I can see how something like this lovely Daydreamer might be a perfect choice. Are you all cropped sweater fans? I am seeing them more and more frequently lately.

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