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Friday, March 22, 2019

Bouquet Sweater

Pic borrowed from Rav pattern page.
Have you all seen the Bouquet Sweater from Junko Okamoto? It uses some really unusual colorwork to create a brocade-like fabric. I would not have thought that a marled yarn and this kind of colorwork would play nicely together, but look at this gorgeous detail!
Pic borrowed from Rav pattern page.

I think the newest Retrosaria Brusca would be perfect for this, and I even chose a few color combos for you. I think any of these rust to orange ones would be amazing.
And these three are pretty great, too. That pink is stunning in real and tweedy and textured. You should pop in to see it.
This sweater seems to be all over Ravelry. Are you thinking about a Bouquet, too? I would definitely take a look at Ravelry for some inspiration. The sweater looks so different depending on the yarns and colors you choose. What a fun project!

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