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Friday, September 7, 2018

Sheepy from Yorkshire

We talked a bit about the Illustrious Naturals last week. (Oh my, that was only last week?) Let's look at a few more goodies from our friends at the West Yorkshire Spinners.
DK Fleece in Jacob wool
We have two weights from two breeds, making for four beautiful sheepy yarns for us to enjoy. Their Fleece line come in both DK and Aran weights, and these remind me a bit of the Rowan Purelife Sheep Breeds we carried long ago.
Aran Fleece in Jacob wool
The Jacob wool comes from the fabulous Jacob sheep. They have the coolest horns and some really beautiful wool. Hello, buddy!
Pic borrowed from our friends at Ruby Peak Farms
We also have the DK and Aran weights in Blue Faced Leicester (which is pronounced lester) believe it or not.
DK Fleece in BFL
Aran Fleece in BFL
These are some lovely sheep as well. Less ostentatious and very regal, if you ask me. And the yarn has a subtle luster that is unlike anything else.
Pic borrowed from HexenWald Ranch
I love these kinds of yarns. They help me feel a connection to the sheep and the farms from whence they came. I know many yarns will tell you the sheep breed, but I really like that these highlight the natural colors and beauty of the wool. If you like sheepy yarns, these will make your day. Stop in and have a look...and a sniff!

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