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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Rose City Yarn Crawl: Patterns are Out

The Yarn Crawl starts a week from tomorrow! There is so much happening in our shop and all around Portland. First, let's talk about patterns...
The shop patterns have all been released. They theme this year was Waterways, and there are some really cute patterns for knit and crochet. From fish washcloths to bags to some gorgeous wraps and cowls, there is something for everyone. These patterns are available for free at each shop you visit during the crawl, and the yarn for each pattern is 10% off during the crawl.
Pic borrowed from Ravelry pattern site.
I have been anxiously awaiting Sally's Zigzag Gansey cowl, which she knit up in Imperial Yarns Columbia. We have a lovely stock of this Oregon-grown yarn in the shop right now. It is squishy and local and softens up and fluffs up so nicely with a wash. It's good.

Pic borrowed from Ravelry pattern site.
We also have a really cute crochet bag pattern by Melissa, the Sandy River worked up in Cascade Hampton. This sweet cotton and linen bag is just the thing for your adventures.

The patterns are all really lovely, and I appreciate how the different shops showcase yarns that are really special to them, from local Oregon options to favorite hand-dyed yarns. It's cool to see the shop personalities come through in their patterns.

Also, have you all been working on your Mystery Knit and Crochet-a-long patterns? All of the clues have been released, so it's time to get cracking. We can't wait to see all of your lovely creations next week!

Stay tuned for more information about what's happening in our little corner of the crawl!

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