close knit: the neighborhood yarn shop

Friday, February 10, 2017

Be Still My Heart

These sweet bouquets of Lochsa DK from Lakes Yarn and Fiber are making my heart pitter patter. We have a fresh batch in the shop right now, and I love playing with the gorgeous color combinations. Every time I look at this yarn, I want to cast on immediately. This cool Siksak Hat is calling to me.
The stitch definition of this yarn is amazing, making it ideal for cabled or textured patterns, too. The FreshMint hat looks really fun and warm, and it's knit with just one skein.
Lakes Yarn and Fiber is a small operation based in Northern Idaho, and Ami dyes all of her yarn in her kitchen sink. We love supporting small businesses in our little shop! Come by and take a look at the gorgeous Lochsa DK from Lakes. I hope you'll be inspired, too!


  1. This yarn is beautiful! I want every color!
    I don't often comment - sometimes I do - but I want to let you know that someone out here is reading and enjoying your blog every day!

    Linda in VA

    1. Thank you, Linda! It's so nice to know that I'm talking to someone :) We are happy to ship yarn if you see something you must have!

  2. Leah - I will comment more often! I always mean to, but wasn't sure if anyone was reading the ones I did comment on - LOL! I actually have your site in my bookmarks! And hope to order soon! My most favorite yarn shop closed last Fall - I doubt I'll ever get over it being gone. There are some others around here - but none like that one!

    Linda in VA