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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sumptuous Sock Minis

The Spun Right Round Sumptuous mini sock skeins are sure looking like a treat! Those bright neon colors are like acid-washed My Little Ponies. And the dark and dirty colorways are killing me. Love those crazy cool color combinations.
These guys will add an unusual pop to any project. It would be fun to add a bright edge to a shawl or a contrast tip to a scarf. Maybe a stripe or a contrast ribbing on a beanie would be a nice touch. The cute little Rose City Rollers shorty socks would be awesome. 
Pic borrowed from Ravelry pattern page.
Just two little skeins should make a pair, and it would be fun to play with some wacky color combos. The Littles are super cute, too, if you and your small human need some nice matching socks.
Pic borrowed from Ravelry pattern page.
If you're going to knit coordinating socks, they might as well be wacky. The Spun Right Round is just the thing. Come choose your favorites while we have a nice bowl full of colorful treats!

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