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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Loopy Mango and My Current Blanket Obsession

I am apparently in a knit-all-the-things-that-are-blankets sort of mood. Maybe it's this weird cold weather combined with my drafty old house. Or perhaps it is because my brain is fried from two weeks of "break" (and now two additional snow days), and all I can do today is knit garter stitch back and forth. Who knows.
My Naturalia blanket it coming along quickly. I am loving the sheepiness of this wool and the gorgeous colors. This is some pretty speedy gratification, my friends.
For even faster payoff, the Loopy Mango Big Loop is in the shop in some really amazing shades. 
Every time we get a fresh batch, I have to restrain myself. But I know should save it for you all.
Loopy Mango has several free patterns for this amazing yarn. The classic Nantucket Throw is one of our favorites. It can be made big or super big with one or two balls of Big Loop and US50 needles.
The website has patterns for scarves, hats, vests, and rugs, too. But I need to make that blanket, right?

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