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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cascade Nevado

Continuing our fall theme of naturally-colored fluffy yarns, we have Cascade Nevado!
This beautiful bulky yarn is a llama/wool blend with an interesting brushed texture. A little bit of nylon holds the whole thing together, and it is as soft as a cloud. The label recommends a US10, but I feel like this yarn would do well knit on slightly larger needles. And it looks like it will bloom beautifully with a good soak in wool wash.
Being a brand spanking new yarn, there are very few patterns and projects made up with this yarn. So I poked around a bit to find some inspiration for you all.
The Purl Soho Bandana Cowl was an obvious first choice. Free pattern, very stylish, just a few short rows to challenge your brain...perfect. And it seems like you could knit it with just one skein of Nevado.
I am also loving the Arika Cowl by Jane Richmond. This one is a $4.95 Ravelry download, but it is worth every penny. Two skeins of Nevado, a little bit of seaming and some very cool fringe. I can see this being a popular gift item. And so cozy!
Need something even faster? Try Kristen Hipsky's Last Minute Hat. She uses two strands of bulky yarn held together to make a quick and easy ribbed hat. I love the idea of using two of the natural shades of Nevado to create a pretty marled knit fabric. I can't make any promises, but it seems like you should be able to get two hats out of two skeins. I suppose it depends on how ambitious you go with the pom pom.

I am excited to see what you all make with this pretty new yarn! Any ideas popping into your heads?
All project photos borrowed from the associated pattern link.

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