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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mere Isager

We started carrying a few of the Isager yarns a couple of years ago, and I'm so glad we brought them into the shop. The sophisticated colors, the luxurious fibers, and the pattern support. Oh my. The Amimono collections are stunning. (Go take a look.)
As you all have shown increased interest in these stunning yarns and books, Sally is expanding our selection of Isager yarns. We have been carrying Alpaca 2 and Spinni, and we have just brought Alpaca 1 into the shop.
Part of what makes the Amimono and Tutto a mano designs so unusual is that many use two or more strands of Isager yarn held together. This can make substituting yarns challenging, so I am thrilled to have more options to offer.
The doubling of the yarn adds a lot of rich texture and interest to the finished product, and you have so much creative freedom to create the look you want by using yarns that coordinate or yarns that contrast a bit for a marled look. So much fun!
We have a nice full supply of all three of our Isager yarns and plenty of these stunning books in stock. All You Knit is Love is one of my favorites, but I like to look through all of the books for inspiration when I'm in a slump.
I've been working on a baby cardigan using Dream in Color Jilly. I love how it's turning out, but I might need to make another now that we have the perfectly coordinating Isager yarns...

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