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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summertime Sale: Angora

I realize that it's not really fuzzy angora season, but we have some lovely choices at the shop, so we are offering 15% off all angora and angora blend yarns this week.
The Noro Shiraito is 45% angora, and just one skein makes this shop favorite, the Soft Waves Hat.  We have made this up in almost every colorway, and they are all good.
This little sample has been hanging around the shop to show off the Schulana Angora Print and Rowan Angora Haze.  It's just some K1P1 ribbing, but it sure is nice in these colors.
This beautiful lace top from the Rowan Angora Haze book makes me appreciate the delicate beauty of the yarn and color.  Totally not my style, but I still think it's breathtaking.
I always forget about these sweet little poofs of angora from Plymouth.  They are just 50 yards, but perfect for little accents or pompoms.
It's not so blazing hot right now, so maybe August is angora season?

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  1. Can I ask if you have any gray Schulana angora that I can order?