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Sunday, March 9, 2014

A New Go-To?

This yarn has been knocking around the shop for a few months.
I have been meaning to tell you about it, but I was kind of overwhelmed by all of the colors.  And then Sally ordered more colors.  So now it's time to talk about it before she orders even more.
I must say, I am really impressed with the new Rowan Pure Wool Worsted.  When folks come in looking for a nice all-purpose worsted weight yarn, I generally show them the Cascade 220.  But now, I feel like we have another very nice option in this yarn.  And it's superwash!
I was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable price point, too.  Only $10.95 for 219 yards of superwash wool.  That's a pretty good deal, especially for Rowan.
Honestly, I have not always been impressed with their superwash yarns, so I was a little skeptical.  
But then Ann whipped up this River Mist Cowl in the light grey and mustard shades, and I knew I was going to have to give it a shot.  The yarn is soft and lofty, and the colors are really rich and full.  A few heathered options, as well.
We have two of the pattern books featuring Pure Wool Worsted, Simple Shapes and The Pure Wool Worsted Collection.
Let me show you a few designs from Simple Shapes.  Who doesn't need a grandpa cardigan like Minn?
Or a basic cap or cabled scarf like Burra and Ismay?  Lots of classic stuff.  Several men's sweaters, too.

I love that cover sweater, Alba, from the collection.
Morna looks like a cozy live-in sweater, for sure.

Spence is designed as a unisex fisherman's sweater, and it really shows off how well this yarn does cables.

Rowan also offers a collection of free home decor and pillow patterns for Pure Wool Worsted.  The patterns use several interesting textured stitches and multiple colors to create some really unusual items.  I really like the Chainlink Cushion and the Wheel Barrel Cushion.  Take a look at their site for more.

I think this yarn is going to be a big hit for all you knitters looking for a high-quality superwash option.  I know it will be a great choice for the man sweaters, too.  I am happy to have more options to give people looking for a nice basic worsted wool in a wide range of colors.  I'll keep you posted if Sally orders even more!

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