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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Siena Booties

When Ann brought these tiny booties into the shop, it seemed impossible that they would actually fit on a real live foot.  Fortunately, my wee friend here has some long, skinny feet!
Ann used two colors of Rowan Siena 4-Ply, a fingering weight mercerized cotton.  We have a nice stock of some really beautiful shades.  I love that orange.  White and blue would be so sweet together, too.
The pattern is a seamless variation of Saartje's Booties developed by Susan Glinert Stevens called Fleegle's Seamless Saarjte Booties.  I knit the original version years ago, and they are really fun to make.  At this gauge, they are the prefect size for brand new babies, too.  These feet have been out in the world for just 6 weeks.
One more shot of tiny feet, just for good measure.  Oh, they are so cute.

We will be closed Thursday, July 4th to celebrate the holiday.  Enjoy some sun and fun!  What will you be knitting?

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