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Monday, November 26, 2012

Big Stuff Coming Through

The big yarns are rolling in (and out) of Close Knit at a pretty steady clip.
This is the Cascade Magnum, or it was the Magnum as of last week...I know that a few of these colors have already flown the coop.  Magnum is one of the bulkiest yarns we regularly stock, weighing in at 2 stitches per inch on a US17!  

It is a shimmering 100% wool single-ply in some of the most gorgeous colors.  Our sample of Sally's Seed Stitch cowl knit uses just one skein of Magnum, and it's one of our most popular samples.
We also have a great color range of Cascade Lana Grande, a 2-ply bulky yarn that knits up at a slightly lighter gauge.

I love these marled colorways...they knit up like tweed fabric.  I am pretty certain we are almost out of the lighter shade, but there will be more.
Want a few ideas?  Of course you do!  

Above is the Charley Infinity Scarf from the blog of our lovely friend Nancy.  Two balls of Lana Grande and some big'll have a cowl in no time.  This sample has been in the shop for some time, and I am really impressed at how little pilling there is on the scarf.
Photo from Laura's Ravelry Shop
I used the Magnum to make Laura Irwin's Snail Twist Cowl last winter.  This one was a bit of a challenge at the end, but I promise that it works.  Bring it on in, and I'll help you with the seaming.  It's all in the seaming.

I just checked her Ravelry pattern shop, and now I have to make the Softwaves Magnum Cowl with just one skein of Magnum and the Textured Marbled Beret with one ball of Lana Grande.  I was about to get a little overwhelmed by all of this inspiration when I realized that each of these projects will only take a few hours each.  Yay!  I can cast on as much as I want and still get it all done.

I am also loving the Vite Cowl, the Drop Stitch Cowl, and the Grey Owl Cowl.
Photo from the Shalimar Yarns Ravelry Page
Photo from Spiderwomanknits Ravelry page.
Photo From Loop Knit Lounge Ravelry Shop
What are you going to make with these big beautiful yarns?  Come on in and show us what you've been doing.  We love to see your projects!

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