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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Balloon Pants Plus Baby

We have spoken about All You Knit Is Love.  It's a great book, full of classic designs.  Most are quite suitable for a beginning knitter, too.  
And there are Balloon Pants, which I made for a dear friend while she was growing her little girl.
Well, the sweet baby girl is finally ready for her pink pants.  Her mom and I were not sure how they were supposed to fit and flatter, but baby girl seems pretty pleased.  I could not be happier with the whole thing.
I made mine with one skein of lovely handpainted sock yarn, so any of our new socks yarns would be perfect.  For the Balloon Pants, I would stick with a semi-solid sock yarn rather than a highly variegated or striping yarn.  The details will get lost otherwise.  There are several other designs in the book that would be great in a busier yarn.  I think I need to grab a skein of that locally-dyed Bumblebirch sock yarn and cast on for another pair, because these were so much fun to knit!

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  1. So CUTE!! Makes me want another... Congrats to your friend on the arrival of her sweet baby!