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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Harry Potter and Debbie Bliss

A few new magazines arrived in the shop.
The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits from Interweave is full of designs inspired by the books.  It's a little nerdy, but we like nerdy.  Let's take a look...

The classic House Scarf has been updated with some cool striping.
There is a very large, very cabled sweater for Hagrid.
I really like the Heliopath Vest, mostly because Luna Lovegood is a great character.  (Oops, my nerd is showing.)
Tracery is pretty incredible, too.
My favorites by far are the Mudblood Cardigan and the Lestrange Cloak, both classic pieces even without the HP influence.
If you have a Harry Potter fan in the house, maybe it's time to start gift knitting?  No pressure.
On the completely opposite side of the spectrum, the new Debbie Bliss Magazine is here, too.  It's so fresh that I can't even find any online information yet.

There is a section of really soft and sweet designs with beaded embellishments.  Some of these look right up your alley, Melissa...
There is a whole Chanel-inspired section, but the cover sweater is by far the best one of that lot.
There are a few cute kids things that would be fun for back-to-school.  Legwarmers and armwarmers are always a hit, especially in bright colors.
There is a wacky holiday section with things like these...
Then there is the section that took my breath away...
I love each and every one of these so very much, but the black cardigan will be mine...and then the red boxy pullover...I love it when the new magazines inspire new knitting!


  1. Ah, Leah, you know me so well... Totally with you on the Heliopath Vest & Mudblood Cardi. And that Dior sweater on the front of Debbie Bliss is AMAZING!!! Too bad it would be covered in Peanut butter all the time if I knit it...

  2. A friend is after a pattern from the Debbie Bliss book. Would you be willing to copy and pdf it please?