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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Little Things Completed. Repeated?

I finished a few little projects lately, and I would love to show them off.  My Groovy in Leinen Los is one of my favorite knitted items to date.  You can purchase and download the pattern through Ravelry, and it is worth every penny in my opinion.
It was fun to knit, with just enough counting and paying attention.  Otherwise, a lot of stockinette.  I know some knitters get a little bored with stockinette, but I love it.  It grows in sort of an unexpected way for a shawl, too.
I managed fourteen and a half repeats of the pattern with two balls of Leinen Los.  I decided to tempt fate and use white, but the other natural colors are really beautiful, too.  I was inspired by several versions on Ravelry to use a contrast color for the bind off.  I had some Euroflax Linen in orange that looked so great with the white.  My shawl is a really nice size, perfect for tucking into a jacket for a little extra warmth.

My next finished little thing is my Bristol Hat.  I love this hat.  
It's also available on Ravelry from Amy Christoffers, one of my favorite designers.  The stitch pattern is pretty simple, but I did have to pay attention.  I used stitch markers to mark each pattern repeat, and that certainly saved me some heartache.  I love the chevron pattern that emerges from the textured stitches.  I was concerned that it would be too small when I got started, but everything ended up just fine.
I used some discontinued Rowan yarn, but any fingering/sock weight in a nice solid color would be perfect.  Cascade Heritage or Heritage Silk would be amazing, and the stitch pattern would really pop.  My hat used just under 200 yards, so one skein of sock yarn would get you two Bristols.

I don't often repeat projects, but these two were so satisfying, I think there are several more of each in my future.  I'm thinking a tweedy Bristol in Rowan Fine Tweed, and maybe a tone-on-tone striped Groovy in some Silky Wool or Felted Tweed DK.  The possibilities are endless, but what am I going to do with all of these?


  1. Love both shawl and hat. Bought the Groovy pattern, can't wait to do it, just looking for the right yarn!

  2. I'll be there from 11-2 Monday. Skip work and come see me! :)