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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tweed is Good

We have been loving the Harrisville Highland Tweed.  Judging from the dwindling backstock, you all have discovered it, too.  We have been using it in place of the very-nice-but-hard-to-get Shelter, and now we have an alternative for Loft, too.  Please say hello to Rowan Fine Tweed.
The little balls of Fine Tweed are so stinkin' cute.  Imagine all of the delicate, intricate colorwork you could do with these stunning colors.  Or just lots of stockinette or garter. 
Whatever you choose, the Fine Tweed provides vibrant color, tweedy goodness, and such a soft knitted fabric.  Sally did up a little swatch in the fall when she was trying out every tweed yarn on the market, and this one was definitely one of my favorites.
Shall we talk about a few project ideas?  This yarn is sort of made for stranded colorwork, and Kate Davies puts out some of my favorite traditional designs.  (All of these lovely photos are borrowed from her Ravelry shop page.)

I love her geometric cowls like the Funchal Moebius and Hazelhurst, and her more traditional tams and beanies are spectacular.  Neep Heid, Peerie Flooers, and Sheep Heid are my favorites.  The Fine Tweed would be perfect for all of these projects.
If the colorwork scares the pants off of you, we can talk about stockinette stitch, too.  I have visions of a huge stockinette scarf in tweedy stripes, much like L.1, a freebie from Shibui (photo from the Shibui Knits Ravlery page) or Rivage from my newest designer crush, Julie Hoover.  (The rest of the photos are borrowed from the Brooklyn Tweed Collections and Wool People Ravelry pages.)

The Ticking Cowl is on my list, too.  Maybe sooner than's so perfect.
The hat possibilities are awesome, too.  What to do you think of Bayard?  Or maybe Oljett?  Someone stop me.
There are sweater and shawl possibilities, too, but I am getting overwhelmed.  What will you make using this pretty palette?

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