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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Knitting

I always have a little trouble figuring out what to put in the Easter baskets that won't make the kids bounce off the wall from a sugar high.  I have created several bunnies over the years, and the kids seem to love them.  Some have been more elaborate than others, but they do take up plenty of space in the basket, and they last forever.  I have a few ideas for you all at varying levels of skill and time requirements.

Easter is more than a week away, so you might have time to produce a sweet little creature from designer Sara Elizabeth Kellner.  She has a few amazing bunnies...
and a beaver and a robin, too, if you're into that sort of thing (I am).  Baby birds!
Check out her website for all of these free patterns and many many more.  (Thanks, Sara for letting me borrow your photos.)

There is also the adorable Mini-Reversible Duck to Bunny from Susan B. Anderson.  (Photos borrowed from Spud Says! The Blog.)
Wait for it...ta da!  I know, right?  So cute!
This little bunny begins life a square piece of knitting.  Easy peasy.  (Photo from Ravelry pattern page.)
If your knitting time is even more scarce between now and the 31st, fear not!  I have a few things for you, too.

Easter chick?  I suppose this doesn't solve the sugar issue, but it would be quick.  (Photo from Ravelry pattern page, too.  Sorry, I don't have time to make all of these to photograph for you guys.)
Last, least amount of knitting, and probably what I will be cranking out, Bunny NuggetsRebecca Danger designs so many amazing critters with so much personality, you should take a look at her other stuff, too.  (Photo borrowed from Ravelry pattern page.)
We are closed on Easter Sunday, March 31st, but we'd love to help you choose the perfect bunny supplies before then, so stop by and see us.  The handmade stuff is always fun, and these little buddies will still be around long after the sugar crash.

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