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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Heritage and Fixation

We have a fresh batch of Cascade Heritage on the shelves.  The solid colors of Heritage are so nice and crisp and bright.  At $12.50 per skein, they are a great value, too.  I am not an avid sock knitter, but these colors are giving me ideas.  My friend Laura is making gray socks with red toes and heels for her husband, and I love the color combination.

I've also been thinking about tall socks, like Laura Chau's Delicious Knee Socks.  The sizing is highly customizable based on foot size AND calf size, so those socks will be perfect.

Photo from Cosmicpluto Knits.
Just two skeins of the Heritage, and you have some amazing tall socks.  Considering how slowly I knit socks, I might be able to finish a pair by October to wear in my rain boots.

Photo from Cosmicpluto Knits.

We have a few new shades of the Heritage Paints, too, so you could play with solids and variegated stripes for a little added interest.  So many possibilities!

Also, back on the shelves, Cascade Fixation!  This is some interesting yarn, folks.

Fixation is a cotton yarn with about 2% elastic, giving it a very unusual bounce.  Sally made the tiniest little baby hat using a new pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple, Baby Hats, Mitts, and Booties.  It is itty bitty and very stretchy, perfect for a brand new baby.  The little ear flaps are a nice touch, too.

This yarn would be great for chemo caps, too; it won't irritate sensitive skin, and the stretch will ensure a nice fit.  Sally tells me that you'll need to be a little mindful of your tension when you get started, but your fingers should get used to the stretchiness of the yarn pretty quickly.

We have solids and multis in bright and more muted shades.  This yarn is often used for socks, and it is great for people who aren't into wool.  Just one ball of Fixation will get you a pair of little footie socks, and two balls will make a pair of regular socks.

Summer is a great time to think about smaller projects like socks, and a great time to learn something new.  We have a sock class on the calendar in July, so come pick out your yarn and sign up!

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  1. There is a lovely tall sock pattern using Fixation in Lingerie Style by Joan Michael McGowan that I've been wanting to make - perhaps now that we have so many lovely colors from which to choose... ;)