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Friday, May 11, 2012

For the Love of Liberty

We have discussed the Liberty Wool.  It is a fun yarn which does some interesting color shifting and fading over the course of the ball.  

Several months back, Sally signed up for a Liberty Wool subscription service.  That means that we receive two bags of their newest colorways every month or so.

There have been colorways with a definite pastel feel, several bold pinks and purples, greens and blues, and quite a few of the sunset tones I used in my cowl.

I opened a box last week with my new favorite.  May I introduce you to #7869, Leaf and Bumblebee?

Hidden in those little balls is golden yellow, natural, gray, and a weird pea green.  Fabulous!  And the names of these new colorways are great, too.  Art Deco Wavelength?  Sonic Lavender?  Ultra Violet Autumn?  Whoever is doing the naming over at Classic Elite sounds like a lot of fun.

Classic Elite is working hard to support the local yarn shop (LYS), so they have made several Liberty Wool patterns available free through participating shops with the purchase of Liberty Wool.  The newest free-with-purchase pattern we have is for these super cool Liberty Wool Pillows.

These pillows are fabulous for so many reasons.  They really give you the opportunity to play with colors and combinations that you would probably not put on your body, and the small scale of these make them ideal for summer projects.  Pillows also give you the chance to try out new techniques and hone some new skills, like creating cables and interesting textures, while adding a pop of (easy-to-change) color to your home.

These garter stitch squares are fun, too.  Big or small, lots of squares or just a few.  Think of the possibilities!

Pillows also free you from major fit worries.  If your gauge is a little off, the pillow is not concerned.  And mistakes can become design features without too much fuss.

There are several other beautiful designs available through the subscription service, as well.

Mitered Cowl and Easy Moebius Cowl
Easy Striped Tam
Technicolor Scarf
Fingerless Mitts
Hooded Scarf
Double-Breasted Baby Cardigan

We have a shelf full of Liberty Wool, pattern books, samples, and access to these great patterns for free!  Stop by and take a look.  I think you will really like playing with the Liberty Wool, too.

(ETA...The photos of the free pattern projects are all from the Classic Elite Yarns website and Ravelry pages.)

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