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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Arrivals

Exciting news for our Close Knit family! Melissa and her husband, Ryan, welcomed a most impressive project into the world last week, sweet baby girl Dylan. She arrived a few weeks early, and Melissa and her family are all doing very well. We can't wait to see her all decked out in her fabulous Mama-made outfits!

We have had a few arrivals at the shop, too, although they aren't nearly as cute as Dylan. Several boxes of Classic Elite Yarns were delivered this week, including my FAVORITE summer yarn to date, Firefly.

The linen/viscose blend has the perfect combination of shine and strength, and the knitted fabric has such a fabulous drape and sheen. I made this simple little Firefly Bias Scarf last summer using three balls. The sample is back up in the shop, and the free pattern can be found here.

I've mentioned a few of my favorite Firefly designs in the past, including the V-Yoke Cardigan from the Spring 2011 Interweave Knits (shown below), and the designs from the CEY Firefly booklet, Meadow (#9136).

Our stock of Sprout has grown, as well. It's hard to find a bulky cotton that isn't too dense, and this one is lofty, springy, and organic, too. At 3.5 stitches/inch, you could crank out a summer cardigan or a baby blanket in no time.

I'm working on a little baby hat in Sprout, so I'll have a free pattern for you soon. Maybe I can talk Dylan into modeling for me!


  1. Congratulations with the birth of Dylan :)

  2. Thanks for the baby love, Leah! Dylan, and her mama, will be thrilled to have her model - maybe she'll even wake up for the occasion!