close knit: the neighborhood yarn shop

Monday, November 15, 2010

Knit Night at Cruzroom

If you are in need of a little more scheduled creative time in your busy week, stop by the Cruzroom tonight for some tacos, drinks, and some crafting camaraderie. The bar is just a few blocks from Close Knit on NE Alberta and 24th Ave. We'll get started around 8:00, and there will be drink specials just for the crafters. The owner has promised a special corner for us with good lighting.

We'll be doing this every Monday night, except for the last Monday of each month. In December, our very own Melissa will host a knit-along for one of our popular free patterns. This week, I will have a few samples from the shop to show off to get you thinking about your next project.

Any and all skill levels are welcome, and Jenni and I will be available to help with any knitting questions or emergencies. Any kind of crafting is welcome, too, although we aren't really set up for glassblowing or anything...


  1. I want to come! Boo Hoo....My husband and I think sometimes of moving to Portland...your store is just one more reason why we should....have fun...and like I said...there are many of us that would love the chance to be there!!!!

  2. Thanks for the love! If you're ever in town, please stop by the shop and say hi :)