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Friday, August 31, 2018

(Some of ) My (Recent) Favorites

Do you all like to peruse Ravlery for inspiration? Do you, like me, have an enormous list of favorites that you often forget about? Let's dive in to a few of my recent favorites and see what we can find.

I have hats on the brain (haha). Loving these pretties...
Magnolia Hat by Camilla Vad
Varma Hat by Sari Nordlund
Hamburger Jung by Nina Dunkhorst
Apparently my feet are cold, too.
Sanborn Socks from BSF
Oxalis Socks by Phoebe O'Neill
And we all need some sweater inspo now and again. I have a thing for stripes.
Beautiful After the Rain knit by siriusknitter
Jellyfish Jumper by Jenny Beckman
Aveiro by Orlane Sucche
This crazy, beautiful thing. 
Squiggle Kite Shawl by Lindsay Degan
And, obviously, a narwhal.
Narwhal by Mimi Codd

Any fabulous inspiration out there that has you ready to cast on? Tell us what you've found!

All pics borrwed from their Rav pattern pages, with links provided.

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