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Wednesday, April 18, 2018


So, it looks like the first Local Yarn Store Day is this Saturday, April 21. We are a local yarn store, and we are excited to participate! Of course, it goes without saying that we are thrilled to see you any day of the year, and we always appreciate your business and community. Since Saturday is a special day of LYS appreciation, let's do a little thing, shall we?
Everyone who makes a purchase on Saturday will receive a code to download the Waterways: 2018 Rose City Yarn Crawl Pattern Collection ebook, which includes so many lovely things. All of the shops contributed some fun and beautiful designs, so it's a great way for all of us to say thank you to all of you as well.
The ebook contains Sally's beloved Zigzag Gansey, which you can see on several of our Close Knit gals above. It's a great cowl! All of you who make a purchase on Saturday will also be eligible for our yarn shop raffles and a gift certificate prize. So much good stuff!

As an added bonus, it looks like Saturday might be a beautiful day. We can't wait to see you all to celebrate our local shop. Thank you!

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