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Friday, May 26, 2017

Linen Season

I love wearing linen garments. Linen is so airy and breezy and easy to wear...really the prefect thing for summer. Linen yarns, however, are often not so perfect. I know a lot of you knitters and crocheters don't care for the rough feel of pure linen in your hands as you work, but I think you are going to like Cascade Hampton.
This cotton/linen blend reminds me a but of Cascade's Ultra Pima, but with a matte finish and more drape. Our current color palette is really tropical, and I'm particularly loving the blues and neutrals together.

This is a new yarn, so there are not a lot of projects on Ravelry to show off yet. Some really pretty scarves and shawls, especially nice for those who don't wear animal fibers. A few Ravelers have used Hampton to create Heidi Kirrmaier's Sunshine Coast, a great choice for this yarn. I have been thinking about this new pattern called Summer, and I'm thinking Hampton might be just perfect for it. It looks like the warm weather is upon us. Time for linen!

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