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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Freia in the Sunshine

I would like you to notice that the yarn above has been photographed outdoors. On a bench. In Portland. In February. Thank you to Natalie for the reminder that this was possible earlier this week.

Now. This is the lovely Freia Ombre Sport. We have a smattering of Freia Ombre Lace in the shop as well, which many of you know and love from the Bateaux Mouches Scarf pattern. I would bet that 90% of you have knit. It's a winner, I promise.
We have used the Ombre Sport for many lovely things as well, including Lisa's cool hat, still available in the shop for free with the purchase of the yarn.
This gorgeous cowl really shows off the color gradient of the Freia, as well. This is the Slip Sliding Infinity Scarf, and I really appreciate the all-over texture. Normally, I would not suggest a strong color situation with highly textured stitches, but this all works together so well. The dimensions and the knitted fabric are just right.
Photo borrowed from designer's Ravelry page
I can truly appreciate the brilliance of the Zuzu's Petals lace shawl/cowl. The style of a pretty lacey shawlette with the practicality of a cowl that actually stays on your neck. Yes! The Freia sport would be perfect for this one.

Come say hello to the bright and beautiful yarn as we all dream of spring and more outdoor yarn photo shoots!

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