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Friday, March 13, 2015

Jilly and Jilly Lace

Did you all enjoy the yarn crawl? We had a great time, but we are exhausted. I hope you all found some fabulous yarn, had a blast and made some friends. We have some new yarns at the shop to show you now that the dust has settled a bit.
Say hey to Jilly (above) and Jilly Lace (below) from Dream in Color.
These yarns remind me quite a bit of Tosh Merino Light and Prairie from Madeline Tosh. These are both single ply yarns with rich, saturated colors.
Jilly is a light fingering with 440 yards per skein, and the Jilly Lace is a lace weight, obviously, with 880 yards per skein. I was kind of surprised that the colors weren't exactly the same on both yarns, since we have the same shades in each yarn. These two are both the Gilt colorway, and they aren't quite the same. Both stunning, though.
All of the colors are really gorgeous. How about a few more shots? So pretty.
Stop by and see these new friends at the shop!

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  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if you still carry this yarn. I'm looking for "Galaxy" color #725. Please let me know. Thanks.