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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Garter Stitch is Good For Your Soul

Oh, Oregon we love thee.  The rains have returned and it is chilly willy again, so my thoughts return to warm scarves.  Garter stitch scarves, in particular.

The Bateaux Mouches Scarf has been getting a lot of attention lately.  Jenni used two and a half skeins of the light-as-air Isager Alpaca 2 on a US7 to create her denim blue/grey version.
Adrienne decided to play with the new Freia Ombre Lace that arrived a few weeks ago.
She used a US8 and lace yarn to achieve a very open knit, which squishes down into a warm cozy wrap.  The Ombre version is certainly more lofty and floaty than the Alpaca 2 version, but both are so soft and warm.
Garter stitch just feels like sustenance to me when it comes to knitting, you know?  It's not flashy or fancy, but it really serves its purpose and does the trick.  I feel this way when I'm knitting it and when I'm wearing it.  And with the weather doing what it is, a little satisfying warmth is just exactly what we all need right now.

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