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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


If you are less into the history and more into the modern, Knitscene might be your thing.  The designs in Knitscene really target a young and very hip crowd.  I am no longer young or hip, but there are always a few items in each issue that I love.  The newest collection does not disappoint.  Let's take a look.

The Saturn Cardigan in Shibui Sock is great.  The rings at the top are done in neon if you are into that sort of thing, but the classic shape makes it a winner in my book.
The Love Braid Cardigan looks simple enough until you see the back...
Check out the ladder of faux knit stitches up the back.  That just looks like fun.  The Blue Sky Alpacas Metalico is a dream.
There were several pretty pink pieces in this issue, too.  The Sundial Tee is a basic flutter-sleeve top in lace yarn for a lightweight, breezy summer knit.
Been working out this winter?  Show off those arms and shoulders with the Lida Top.  I would use the Shibui Linen that we recently added to the Close Knit family.
The keyhole back is what really sold me on this one.
The Mackinac Tank is knit with Classic Elite Firefly, a shop favorite.  Just four balls for the smallest size.
Do you like the classic vibe of Vine Street?  Looks very Mad Men to me.  I would probably use Cascade Ultra Pima for this.  I think the neckline detail would really pop, and the sheen of the mercerized cotton is so classy.
The Melrose Tank is probably my favorite one in this issue.  Knit in Shubui Staccato, I can see this being worn all year long.  Especially if I use the Jumpsuit orange or UV purple we have in stock.  Those are all-year-long colors, right?
As long as I avoid the bouffant hair look, I bet even I can pull off some of these pieces.  Which one will you try?

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