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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Isager is Here

We resisted it for far too long...Sally has caved to the beauty that is Isager.  We are starting out with some pretty books and a bit of yarn.
Above is the Amimono Bird Collection, The Fine Line, and the latest Amimono book from 2010.  I began collecting the Isager Amimono books as soon as I learned of their existence, and I am thrilled to see them on our shelves.  I have also been less-than-patiently waiting for the Bird Collection to be translated into English and appear at our shop.  (Surprise!  It also contains a Little Birds Collection for the littles in your life.)

We have a few more books from the Isager line, too, including Hat Ladies, All You Knit is Love, and Tutto a Mano.  I feel compelled to warn you that the baby book in the middle there contains cabled balloon pants (ballonbusker!) that are impossibly cute.  I am dying to see some on an actual child.

And we have yarn, too.
This is Spinni (or Wool 1), a single ply lace-weight wool in a stunning and sophisticated color palate.  There are several designs in the the Bird Collection that feature this lovely stuff.  We are narrowing down our choices on which other Isager yarn we will be carrying, but we can help you find the perfect thing if you are ready to get started on any of these designs.
We have a few single patterns from Isager, as well, which are really worth a look.  This is the Bateaux Mouches Scarf, the Olive Blouse, and the Zig Zag Scarf.  I feel like the Olive Blouse was the one that really pulled me into the Isager world initially, so it's great to see the pattern available as a single.

I don't know what it is about these designs that I find so appealing and inspiring.  Perhaps it's the attention to fine details, the unusual shapes and techniques, or maybe it's because they are just so pretty.  I have yet to knit a stitch from any of these books that I have been coveting and collecting for years, but I have plans.  Lots of plans.

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