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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cascade Favorites

Our newest shipment from Cascade Yarns was full of goodies.
We have a well-stocked shelf of Cascade 220 sport.  I love the color range of this yarn, so many rich solid shades and beautiful heathers, and the sport weight is great for the Oregon climate.  I have several sweaters on my wishlist that I would love to knit with this yarn.  Like these...
Flurry (photo from Classic Elite website)
Drops Tailored Cardi (photo from Drops website)
Pipit (photo from Heidi's Ravelry Shop)
Pomme de Pin (photo from Savory Knitting)

If I had eight arms and unlimited knitting time I would cast on for all of these right now.  Alas, I do not, so will one of you please help me out and get started?  Thanks.  Also, it's $5 for a skein of 164 yards, so you're getting a screaming deal.

If you prefer a little thicker yarn for a little faster gratification, perhaps you'd like to see the Eco Wool and Eco +?
Same great Cascade colors, but at 3.5 stitches per inch rather than 6.  Still a great value yarn at $20 for 478 yards!  I have ideas for this one, too.
Boxed Pullover (photo from Interweave)
Cobble Hill Pullover (photo from Interweave)
August Pullover (photo from Rain Knitwear Designs)
Shalom Cardigan (photo from Involving the Senses)
We also filled in our supply of 220 Superwash Paints in some beautiful colors.
I am particularly smitten with the yellow, the red, and the dark purple.  This yarn is ideal for kids and babies, but it's great for adult items, too, if you like the variegated look. 
We use it for our learn-to-knit socks class.
This would be a perfect, easy-care baby blanket, sweater, hat, booties, whatever.  How about a February Baby Sweater?  Or one of the many many designs from Knitting Pure and Simple?  Their top-down designs are great for first time sweater knitters.

We have a nice deep stock of colors in all of these beauties right now.  I f you have knitting on the brain on this windy afternoon, come by the shop and take a look.

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