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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kidsilk Haze Trio

I told you more yarn was on the way, and so much arrived this past week that I have had difficulty deciding where to start.  We received very large shipments from Rowan, Debbie Bliss, and Noro, with more trickling in every day.  There are old favorites and some lovely new things that we are quite excited about.

Let's start with the Rowan box.  First up, Kidsilk Haze Trio.

This is three strands of the beloved Kidsilk Haze spun together to create an Aran weight yarn with all of your favorite Kidsilk Haze characteristics.  It is lofty and silky with a beautiful halo, but it knits up at 4-5 stitches per inch on a US9.  I love the color combinations that Rowan put together for these to create a marled, heathery look.

Since this is a new yarn, it hasn't been used in too many projects yet.  However, the pattern book is really pretty.  Lots of drapey flowy tops with unusual sleeves.

Shall I show you a few?  Curio is pretty, with its deep ribbing and nice boatneck. 

This is the cowl neck, and are those dolman sleeves?

Nomad appears to be a wearable blanket.  I have knitted things like this before, and they are so so comfy.

Awe is a cute little shrug with some cool textured sleeves.  Interesting.

Caravan looks like the kind of cardigan that I would live in.

Check out the dramatic Gypsy

Finally, Hobo, a knitted superhero cape.  Just kidding...I actually love those crazy sleeves.

Sally is working on a little something with this, too.  There is so much more on the shelves, so I will keep you updated as we continue to wade through the boxes.  Stay tuned!


  1. Beautiful knits!
    Such a shame they are shown on a seemingly anorectic model.

  2. Agreed! I'd love to see this luscious yarn showcased on luscious, curvy women.