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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Seems like Ripple Fever is sweeping the shop.  A few of us are participating in a very low-key and highly unorganized knit-a-long using Tahki Ripple.  We were all going to make the same sweater, but that just isn't going to happen, so we are instead focusing on the yarn.

The pretty khaki piece in the background is Sally's work.  She is making the Myrtle Pullover.  

The sweater is knit on US7s, creating a fabric with lots of textural interest, even though it is all stockinette (knit one side and purl the other).  Your friends and neighbors will be amazed.

The kelpy green piece that vaguely resembles a fishing net belongs to me.  I am working on Anna from Cocoknits on a US11.  What a completely different look.  This pullover/coverup has an asymmetrical hem and is worked from cuff to cuff.  I had a little trouble with the sleeves in the round on US11 double-points, so I am knitting the sleeves flat, and I will seam them up later.  I'll give you full details when I am finished.  The first three sizes (up to a 44" bust) only require 4 balls of Ripple!

The last little bit up there is Ann's Summer Wisp scarf from last year.  This sample was knit on US10.5, but there are rows of dropped stitches, too, adding to the airy feel.

We will give you the pattern for free with the purchase of just one little ball of Ripple.  We have some great colors right now.  Here are the brights, including a very on-trend neon green/yellow.  I love that orange, too.

And the earth tones, including my green and Sally's khaki.  If Jenni decides to play along, she has the dark grey squirreled away for her Ripple project.  We have a nice backstock of the black, too.

The Urban Renewal book from Tahki has several great designs using Ripple, including Sally's piece above, the Clinton Vest, the Warren 2-Way Jacket, and the Remsen Twist-Front TopCollage has some pretties, as well, including a few flowy cardigans.  I showed you a few back in April.

Anyone out there want to join us in a Ripple-a-long?  If you're making a project with Ripple, we'd love to share it with the blog.  Just leave a comment and let me know what you're working on.  If you are finished, please load a photo onto our Flickr page or share it with our Ravelry group.  We love to inspire each other!

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