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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Prime Stuff

The Heather Prime Alpaca from Joseph Galler Yarns is back in the shop, I think.  The yarn is clearly here, but I am so confused about the weight and yardage.  The Joseph Galler wesbsite calls this a worsted weight, but the yarn label provides much different information.

The label promises 6 stitches per inch on a US5, so I feel pretty strongly that this is a sport weight yarn.  Oddly enough, they suggest doubling it to get about 4.5 stitches per inch using a US8.  These beautiful skeins contain a generous 665 yards of pure sport weight alpaca yarn, not 600 yards of worsted weight as the website suggests.

Whatever the story is with this pretty stuff, I would suggest swatching to get a fabric that you like.  I also highly recommend washing and drying your swatch, as alpaca has a tendency to bloom and drape when it's washed.  I'm working on a little swatching tutorial for you guys, so I'll go into more detail on this soon.

Pure alpaca can get pretty loosey-goosey if it's knit up on larger needles.  This can be great for a shawl or scarf, but not so much for hats or gloves.  For sweaters, it really depends on the sweater style.  If you have a swingy, flowy design, you might be just fine with a looser gauge.  If you want something with a little more structure, you might try going down a needle size or two.

Rich heathery alpaca in gorgeous earth tones, pastels, and brights.  That's spring in a basket right there!

Also, make time to come up to our little corner on Alberta and 22nd this weekend.  Bolt Neighborhood Fabric is having a great big sale, and we are offering a little something to those of you with a love for both fabric and yarn.  If you spend $5 or more at the Bolt sale this weekend (Friday through Sunday), show us your receipt to get 10% off your Close Knit purchase.  This is only going on this weekend, so come on up and get your fiber fix!

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