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Friday, June 17, 2011

Watchamakin, Sally?

Want to see what Sally is making right now?

The Sockhead Hat, a free pattern from bohoknits. Sally is using Dream in Color Starry, but any sock yarn will do. This is a nice little project to stuff in your bag for a summer car ride, a moment of lunchbreak knitting, a trip to the park, or just a long line at the bank.

Also a nice little hat, Norie from The Shetland Trader. Sally's using The Fibre Company Savannah. This yarn is beautiful...a little cotton, a little soy, a little linen, a little wool. Such a nice texture and a sunny yellow, too.

And the cowls. Sally is working up her own version of the Burberry Inspired Cowl. The Cascade Eco Duo she's using is so nice to work with that she can't stop. It will be a nice long wrap-around length when Sally's finished knitting. I'll tell you about her modifications when she's done.

Finally, Snood, a huge randomly cabled cowl from Debbie Bliss's Glen pattern book. Glen is such an interesting yarn. The shades change very subtly over the entire ball of yarn, so you are left with these gradual fades from light to dark. The only trick is making sure you start a new ball in the right place to avoid a stark change.

That's what Sally is making these days. Anything fabulous in your knitting bag that you'd like to share?

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  1. I'm seeing a trend... Great knits, Sally! I've figured out knitting while nursing & am very near completing French Girl's Delphine using 4 balls of Hempathy. Big hugs!